Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Clearfield Lucky's SUPERSTORE! REPO Yesterday? NEW Car TODAY With $300 Down!!

What do you do when your car was repossessed yesterday and you need a NEW car to get to work today? That was exactly what Matt Koppit was asking himself. He had heard of the Clearfield Lucky's SUPERSTORE  at 1265 S. State Street, but fell prey to the HARD SALES TACTICS OF ANOTHER DEALERSHIP and was pressured to purchase an older car for a total of OVER $13000!!!

His much smarter move after that was to visit Robert at the Clearfield Lucky's SUPERSTORE and get approved with a LOW LOW down-payment (despite his repossession) for a much much NEWER CAR for LESS THAN HALF THE COST and with the now FAMOUS Lucky's 1-Year WARRANTY on Engine, Transmission, Fuel-Pump, Starter, Alternator, Water-Pump, Timing Belt, CV-Joint, Drive Axle, Housings, gaskets and many many MANY more parts under the hood. Even 4-Wheel Drives are covered!!

Matt (on the left) and his best buddy Josh, who will need a new car soon as well, were patient and fun to be with during the sale, which took a little longer than usual. But it was worth it and Matthew is now the now the proud owner of a Midnight Black Pontiac Grand Prix GT!
And since Matthew already referred Josh to us, Lucky's will pay Matt a
Welcome to the Lucky's Family!!

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