Friday, June 28, 2013

Clearfield Lucky's SUPERSTORE!!2nd Car For Wife? APPROVED!!!!!

Shantelle and Shane Rust needed a 2nd car so Shantelle could got to work every day in Centerville. It needed to be great on gas, cheap to insure and reliable. Shantelle laid eyes on a Silver in color 2002 Oldsmobile Alero, test drove it and LOOOOOOOOOVED it!
Shane did the mandatory mechanical evaluation of the vehicle and he was impressed that we already had the safety & emissions papers done and that it came with the famous Lucky's 1-Year WARRANTY on Engine, Transmission, Fuel-Pump, Alternator, Water-Pump, Timing Belt, CV-Joints, Drive-Axle, Housings and Gaskets and many more parts under the hood!!
After sitting down with Robert, the Manager for Lucky's, they got approved within 5 minutes and the signing of the paperwork took only another 15 minutes and off they went in their NEW car!!!
Thank you for being tons of fun during the sales process and welcome to the Lucky's Family!!!
Luckys Utah Web Developer

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