Monday, June 17, 2013

Clearfield Lucky's SUPERSTORE!$100 Down Got Jeff A New Car with Warranty!!!

Jeff and his wife Charlene were the last customers on a sunny Saturday afternoon to visit the Lucky's Auto Credit Superstore in Clearfield on 1265 S. State Street. Jeff's car had just died and he was in need of a new one FAST! After sitting down with Robert, the Manager for Lucky's, we were able to approve him with only $100 down for a new Buick Regal he test drove and fell in love with.
He REALLY REALLY Loved it when he heard that the car came with Lucky's
FAMOUS 1-Year Warranty on Engine, Transmission, Fuel-Pump, Alternator, Water-Pump, Starter, Timing-Belt, CV-Joint, Drive-Axle, Housings, gaskets and many many more parts under the hood!!!!
Charlene had all the necessary paperwork (DL, Paystubs&Utility Bill) with her and was well prepared since she had financed cars in the past. It was ALL new and exciting for Jeff though and Robert made sure he understood exactly what he signed! Time was of the essence, since they had family waiting at their house for a BBQ, so Robert went into over-drive and got them rolling in no time!
All of us here at the Lucky's Superstore on 1265 S. State Street are excited to welcome Kale & Charlene as the newest members of the Lucky's Family!!
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