Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clearfield Lucky's Superstore! Jarett Bought A 2003 Grand Prix Supercharged!!

Jarret Sullivan just happened to accompany his mother Stephanie to the Clearfield Lucky's Superstore to make sure she picked out an awesome car for herself.
While his mom got approved for a spunky cute 2005 Hyundai, Jarett browsed through the lot and stop dead in his racks when he spotted a  super-sweet Silver 2003 Grand Prix Supercharged!
A test drive was all it took to get him hooked on it and after a quick approval nod from his mom, he bought the car!
You are an awesome guy Jarett and all of us here at the Clearfield Lucky's Superstore are totally excited that we found a great car for you!
Welcome to the family!
Luckys Utah Web Developer

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