Friday, April 19, 2013

Lucky's Superstore In Clearfield!! Sherri & Ted Durrant Got Their Envoy XUV!!!!

Sherri & Ted have been great customers with Lucky's in Clearfield for almost a year! With their work-schedules not aligning anymore, it was time to get a 2nd car and where else to go than the Lucky's Superstore in Clearfield where Robert, the Manager for Lucky's, keeps the best cars in the company in tip-top shape!
When they walked onto the lot, Sherri's eyes caught a glimpse of a BEAUTIFUL stylish 2004 GMC Envoy XUV. This hard to find Luxury XUV was just too good to pass up. It took a 20 minute test-drive and then a crow-bar to wedge Sherri out of it to sign the paperwork, since she just didn't want to leave the super comfy seats!!...LOL. If Lucky's would have a drive-through window, she would have signed the papers on the fly!
All of us here at the Lucky's Superstore in Clearfield are happy you chose not only to buy one, but TWO cars from us and we hope to keep you as happy customers for a long time...even though your loan is only 2 year long...haha.
Luckys Utah Web Developer

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