Monday, April 15, 2013

Lucky's Superstore In Clearfield! Anthony Spratlin Got Tired Of Fixing His Old Car!

Anthony Spratlin finally was at the end of his whits with his old Mazda 626 that was his trusted source of transportation for quite some time. But I guess that every time you repair the engine and you have a few screws left over that you have NO IDEA where they belong, it is only a matter of time before said engine is giving out and dies! This is what brought Anthony to see Robert, the Manager for Lucky's, at the Clearfield Lucky's Superstore! We worked with Anthony's credit situation and finally found a great commuter car that was on sale that he can potentially pay off in less than a year! After that he will look at more pricier cars, maybe even a fancy SUV and we here at Lucky's will make it sooooo easy to get approved for an awesome car the 2nd time around!

Thank you for choosing Lucky's Auto Credit in Clearfield as your NEW Car Dealership and we hope you find time to swing by to say often!
Luckys Utah Web Developer

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