Monday, April 15, 2013

Lucky's Superstore In Clearfield! $300 Down For A 2005 Ford 500? Tena Martinez Got One!

Tena and her husband Carlos had a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire that was just sitting at their house and wasn't driveable. It was time to replace ol' Betsy with something that would make the neighbors jealous and when they visited the Lucky's Auto Credit Superstore in Clearfield, they found exactly THAT! A Midnight Blue In Color Ford 500 with a mere 90K Miles on it! Flawless inside and out. A DREAM!!
It took just one test drive, which lasted for 20 minutes, because she didn't want to get out of it they were sold. Lucky's even took their old car as a trade and paid them wayyyyyyyyy too much money for it!! Seriously!!
Approval was an easy task for Robert, the Manager for Lucky's, and within minutes it was time to sign the paperwork and head home to video-tape the neighbors dropping their jars after seeing the new car in Tena & Carlos' driveway!
You guys ROCK! Thank you for making Lucky's Auto Superstore one of the most successful dealerships in Davis County!!

Luckys Utah Web Developer

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