Monday, April 22, 2013

Lucky's Superstore Clearfield! John Got A 2005 Dodge Neon With BAD Credit!!

Josh Waldrop was driving (sort off) a 1997 Saturn SL2. Engine blew up on him and he needed a new car. Due to his credit situation, he got the run-around from other dealerships. But lucky for him, he found the Lucky's Superstore in Clearfield and ran into Robert, the Manager for Lucky's, who took care of his transportation needs. It turned out that other than his credit issue, John is a very well established person with great job and residence time and a very decent income. The approval took only minutes and was done while he took the Dodge on a test drive.
John turned out to be one of the funniest customers we had in a long time and we are thrilled to have him as a new member of the Clearfield Lucky's Superstore Family!
Luckys Utah Web Developer

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