Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lucky's Super-Store In Clearfield! 3rd Car For Big Al!!!

Allen Devries has been a loyal customer of Lucky's in Cleafield for several years now and recently noticed that he had wayyyyy to many full-size pick-up trucks and SUV's at his house. He was in the market for a car that got better gas mileage and asked Robert, the Manager for Lucky's, what could be done to help him out. Robert introduced him to a 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis which gets decent gas mileage, but still has enough room to make "Big A" comfortable on his trips.
He loved the car, loved the 1-year warranty on engine, transmission, fuel-pump, water-pump, alternator, starter, timing belt, CV joint, gaskets, drive-axle, housings and timing belt and got approved for his THIRD car with us in 2 minutes flat!

Paperwork took just minutes and we called it the "fastest sale in Lucky's history!"
Thanks Big Al for being an awesome customer and we will make sure we have Pizza ready for you Saturays when you come in to make your payments!

Luckys Utah Web Developer

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