Friday, February 22, 2013

It's perfect weather, for a sweet SUV!

                               We were more than happy to meet Jennifer and be able to get her in the car that she loves.  There is one particular staff member here, with a much older Explorer, that is especially jealous of Jennifer's new 2004 Ford.  With a missed matched door (pictured below), it's easy to envy the one driving off with one with not only all of the parts matching, but one that is in phenomenal cosmetic and mechanical condition!   Envious, but happier than ever for you!

Ah, come visit Natasha and her sweet Explorer, and don't worry, this one is not available for purchase on any of our lot locations.  I know, bummer!

                    "Very friendly and very patient!"  Said Jennifer when asked about her experience with us.

                    We would say the very same about you, Jennifer!  It was so great to meet you and be able to welcome you to the Lucky's family!   Have fun in that beautiful thing, and be sure to do lots of camping in the summer!

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