Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lucky's Auto Credit Testimonial

Fredric Cowlishaw thanks for buying your 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt from Lucky's Auto Credit in Salt Lake City.  That's Carlie Hoopes our sales person come see her and she will get you into a car too.
Lucky's Auto Credit finances cars, suv's and trucks.  We are the bank!  We make the decisions!  We can finance anyone, regardless of past credit!  WE LOAN YOU OWN all you need is a job.  We set up payments and term that will allow you to make all your payments in time. APPLY ONLINE HERE!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Truck time at Lucky's (Lucky's Auto Credit)

Justin Randolph bought his new 2001 GMC Z71 Sierra with 22's... thanks Justin you will look good in that truck.  Lucky's Auto Credit in West Valley City thanks you for your business.
At Lucky's Auto Credit, we sell SUV’s, minivans and trucks, and cars. We have nice 2 and 4 door sedans, minivans, and sport utilitie vehicles. Mileage varies, but starts at about 60,000 miles. We have vehicles up to 2008’s in stock now. Do you need a more reliable car? Is a minivan more convenient for your big family? Whatever you need we have it at one of our superstore locations. Every vehicle passes safety and emissions and is serviced and cleaned at our own in-house service center so you can be sure of clean, safe, reliable transportation. 

Tiffany Jones 2nd car from Lucky's

Tiffany Jones testimonial "I bought my second car from Lucky's.  I'm so excited to go out and drive it.  I have 2 jobs and no car was very difficult.  Robert was nice staying lat so I could have my nice car today a 2004 Neon.  Lucky's is the best!!!"  
Lucky's Auto Credit sells cars and makes loans to people that banks and most car dealerships don’t want, or aren’t prepared to deal with. One of our goals is to build a long term arrangement with you. The vehicle and loan you purchase will fit your ability to pay. We want you to complete your loan successfully and then purchase your next vehicle from us. Many of our customers are able to upgrade vehicles in 12 months from their first purchase from us. Your successful loan completion at Lucky's Auto Credit will enhance your credit rating. 

Plus, when you buy from Lucky's Auto Credit, we help you stay current. Your payments may be made weekly or bi-weekly instead of monthly. You may find it is easier for you to budget.  And because we don't shop your loan around to a bunch of banks, your credit report won't suffer by making it appear like you're looking for money—which is exactly what happens when you buy from other dealerships. Best of all, unlike smaller dealerships, each time you make an on-time payment to us, we'll report it to the credit bureaus, so you can start to establish a better credit rating immediately. 

Also, most payments are made automatically through online payments so you never have to worry about missing your payment! It's the easiest car loan you'll ever have!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Melissa Ellis Financed with Lucky's Auto Credit

Melissa Ellis said "Thanks Lucky's!!! I love my new 2005 Chevrolet Equinox.  Lucky's, Sherri and Carlie are wonderful to work with.  They really took care of me and made buying fun.  Go Lucky's!!!"
Lucky's Auto Credit offers "buy here pay here" auto financing for all of its customers in Salt Lake City, Clearfield, West Valley City, Layton and other cities along the Wasatch Front.  Buy here pay here financing accepts bankruptcies, bad credit, not credit, divorce and all other credit issues.  Lucky's Auto Credit will finance anyone regardless of past credit.

Patrick Stubs (Lucky's Auto Credit)

Patrick Stubs thanks for buying your new 2004 Nissan Xterra from Lucky's Auto Credit in West Valley.  That will be perfect for the cold winter coming up.  
Lucky's Auto Credit helps all kinds of folks buy cars. We understand that good people can get into tough situations due to medical bills, bankruptcy, divorce, and sometimes do have credit problems. Lucky's Auto Credit has helped professionals, white collar and blue collar workers, medical professionals, divorced people, people with unpaid bills, and many others from all walks of life. Your credit situation does not define who you are. At Lucky's Auto Credit, you are treated as an individual, not just a credit rating. Our credit specialists will discuss with you the vehicles and loan terms that work for you. And remember, no matter who you are or what your credit situation, we will treat you with dignity and respect. Lucky's Auto Credit is an equal opportunity lender.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lucky's Clearfield Used Car

Christopher Sutton we appreciate you buying and financing your car with Lucky's Auto Credit in Clearfield!  
Lucky's Auto Credit in Salt Lake City (West Valley City) and Clearfield specializes in financing folks with good credit, bad credit, no credit and bankruptcy's.  With over 3,000 happy customers we keep selling and financing cars for great people.   

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lucky's got Dale a Truck

Richard "Dale" Zanone reviews Lucky's Auto Credit "I came here to Lucky's to purchase a truck.  I went all over the place and was treated like crap from all the other dealers.  I came to Lucky's and Robert was really nice and got me in a truck.  I appreciate it I got the help!!!"

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lucky's Finances Another Used Car!!!!

Brooke Duncan financed her car at Lucky's Auto Credit in Clearfield Buy Here Pay Here is all we do.  Thanks Brooke, enjoy your 2002 Hyundai Accent.  You should get great gas mileage.  Come see us soon.

Lucky's Auto Credit Saved The Day

Brenda Urdiales and Oliver Poloa bought a 2005 Neon from Lucky's Auto Credit West Valley City.  Brenda "we bought a car from a public auction trying to get a good deal and the engine went out only 2 days after buying it from the auction.  We were having a rough time getting the car fixed after spending all our money at the public auction.  Lucky's picked up the broken down car and gave us $400 trade-in toward the new Neon.  Thanks Lucky's!!!"

Brenda and Oliver bought their 2005 Neon with only their trade as their down payment.  They bought on 10/18 late in the evening and we stayed to make sure they had a car for work the next day.  Thanks Brenda!  Thanks Oliver!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucky's Auto Credit (Salt Lake City)

Myron & Jennifer Mikkelson says "We bought a 2003 Dodge Dakota.  The sales staff was friendly and was able to take our 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass as our down payment.  We will definitely refer our friends & family to Lucky's Auto Credit."  Thanks Myron and Jennifer for buying your truck at West Valley City Lucky's Auto Credit!!!

David Joins Lucky's Family

David Ottenson "Lucky's was great the buying process was so simple.  I got my 2004 GMC Sierra with no hassle".  David needed a truck for work and to get around town in.  Lucky's Auto Credit in West Valley City got him in his warrantied truck with super low miles and low down payment.  David Thanks!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Aaron Krause Testimonial (Clearfield)

Aaron Krause bought a 2001 Saturn from Lucky's Auto Credit in Clearfield.  Thanks for coming in Aaron!!!  Aaron says "Thanks Lucky's, I was turned down by a lot of car dealerships looking for a car and Lucky's got me financed for a car I wanted.  Lucky's made the process simple and fast."

Happy Lucky's Auto Credit Customers (West Valley City)

Bubba, Joel and Kim bought a new used car at Lucky's Auto Credit in West Valley City.  Thanks for the business we really value you as customers and welcome to the over 3,000 happy Lucky's customers.  Thanks and enjoy that car!!! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Lucky's Auto Credit Testimonial

Kris Estes move to Utah with his wife and new baby and needed a car.  Lucky's Auto Credit in Clearfield helped his young family get the transportation they needed.  Kris says "Thanks Lucky's! When my wife was stationed at Hill Air Force Base we were excited but didn't have any connections in the area.  The sales process was very quick and they let me take the car to get checked out by the mechanics on base.  Thanks Lucky's!!! I love my car!!!"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Amber Gill joins Lucky's over 3,000 happy customers

Amber Gill bought 2002 Monte Carlo SS with crazy low miles from Lucky's Auto Credit in Clearfield on Saturday September 29th 2012.  Thanks Amber!!!  She was about to start riding the bus after her engine seized on her old car.  Lucky's financed her new used car and her daughter thinks we're awesome.

Happy Lucky's Auto Credit Customer

Laquira Lowry was dropped off at Lucky's Auto Credit in Clearfield by her mother and was hoping to get into a car.  She was fed up with riding the bus or bugging friends and family for rides.  Lucky's hooked her up and got her a new used car.  Laquira says "I'm about to drive home in my new 2005 Malibu"